There are good reasons to stop the infringing acts:

  1. Protecting the value of your IP
    If anyone can use your IP without your permission, and without compensating you, the value of your IP diminishes, or even extinguishes.

  2. Protecting your reputation
    Your reputation in the marketplace may be adversely affected by the infringing use of your IP.

  3. Taking action timely
    You can seek an injunction against the infringer and seek compensation from it.

  4. Preventing infringing products from entering Hong Kong
    If you are aware that products infringing your registered trade mark or copyright has entered or will enter Hong Kong, you may seek the assistance of the Customs and Excise Department of the Government of the Hong Kong SAR to seize the infringing products.

  5. Deterring misuse
    Maintaining vigorous and robust protection of your IP rights will also deter others from infringing your IP.