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Why Hong Kong?

Good support to incubated companies

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation provides incubation services to assist technology start-ups in their vulnerable inception stages, enabling them to grow and flourish. Three different incubation programmes – Incu-App, Incu-Tech, and Incu-Bio – are custom-made for start-ups involved in web and mobile technology, technology and biotechnology respectively.

The programmes will assist newly established companies at different stages of development and provide appropriate support services accordingly. They include marketing and promotion, training and personnel development, mentorship program, consultancy services, matching angel investors and venture capital funds activities and grants and subsidies. Technology start-up companies can use advanced laboratories and testing centers that are provided by the five areas of R & D team support: professional engineers in the electronics, information technology and telecommunications, precision engineering, biotechnology and green technology.

Cyberport provides an incubation programme for  early-stage Hong Kong companies seeking growth in areas related to digital tech. It is a focal area of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as IP generation, protection, and investment.

The Hong Kong Design Centre also has an incubation programme for start-up companies in the design and creative industries.

The programmes run by these centers provide critical nurturing and support to incubated companies, encouraging both their technological as well as entrepreneurial objectives.

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