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Why Hong Kong?

Good support to incubated companies

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation provides incubation programmes to companies which are specialized in technological application, deep tech or biotechnology.  The HKSTP INCUBATION is a 3-year programme that helps technology startups to commercialize its R&D outcomes, explore the market and scale their businesses.  This programme offers comprehensive services including R&D support, mentorship, investor matching and so on.  The Incu-Bio is a 4-year programme which is managed by the Biomedical Technology Cluster and helps biomedical startups launch their R&D and develop their life-changing solutions.

Cyberport provides an incubation programme for  early-stage Hong Kong companies seeking growth in areas related to digital tech. It is a focal area of innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as IP generation, protection, and investment.

The Hong Kong Design Centre also has an incubation programme for start-ups in the design and creative industries.

The programmes run by these centers provide critical nurturing and support to incubated companies, encouraging both their technological as well as entrepreneurial objectives.

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