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What is IP?

IP refers to creations of the mind. In broad terms, it includes inventions, brand names, industrial designs, and original works in the literary, artistic and scientific fields. IP are intangible assets that can be protected by law. Learn more about the types of IP.

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Protecting IP

Registration is required to obtain statutory protection of inventions, trademarks and industrial designs in Hong Kong. Learn more about the registration matters administered by the Intellectual Property Department (IPD).

On the other hand, works meeting specific legal requirements are automatically protected by copyright without the need for registration. Likewise no registration is required for the protection of layout-design of integrated circuits, trade secrets, certain unregistered trade marks, etc.

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Enforcing IP

IP owners can enforce their legal rights and stop infringers. Learn more here.

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Managing IP

With legal protection, IP becomes a valuable asset that can be managed effectively to tap its full economic value. Learn more here.

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Trading IP

With effective management of the IP portfolio and appropriate strategy, owners can exploit their exclusive IP assets by trading and commercializing IP in the market through such means as selling and buying, licensing and franchising. Learn more here.

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Government Support

IPD offers dedicated support services to assist enterprises to manage and trade IP -

  • Free IP Consultation Service.
    Meet up IP lawyers to benefit from professional advice. Enrol here.
  • IP Manager Scheme PLUS.
    HK enterprises joining this scheme can send staff to a wide variety of training courses to build up their IP manpower capacity. Join here.

For creating IP, there are other Government funding support, too.

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