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12 Nov | 19 Nov 2020
[FULL]【Advanced Programme】IP201 Intellectual Asset Mana...

[FULL]【Advanced Programme】IP201 Intellectual Asset Management

IP Training Programme - IP 201:  Intellectual Asset Management

(*Only opened for those who have completed “IP Manager Training Programme”)

This course aims to introduce how to identify various types of intellectual assets, understand the importance of intellectual assets portfolio and how to establish an intellectual asset management system, so that the value and effectiveness of the intellectual assets can be maximized in your enterprise.


Date: 12 and 19 Nov 2020

Time: 2:30pm - 5pm (total 5 hours)

Format: Webinar via Zoom


  • Hong Kong Mediation Centre: 5 points.
  • The Law Society of Hong Kong: Application is underway

IPD reserves the final rights to change the course details and arrangements.


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