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PART I: Information of the Business

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Note: Manufacturing enterprises with less than 100 employees and non-manufacturing enterprises with less than 50 employees are regarded as SMEs in Hong Kong (Source: Trade and Industry Department). The Free Intellectual Property Consultation Service is for SMEs only. Requests from law firms and providers of IP consultancy or other professional services will not be entertained.

PART II: Advisory Areas

Advisory Areas
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(Certain types of IP, such as trade marks, designs and patents, have to be registered in order to obtain effective protection in the territory of registration.)

(It refers to a process such as the identification, acquisition, maintenance, protection, commercialization and/or enforcement of intellectual property rights. Such process may involve formulating an IP strategy, and integration of such strategy into the overall business strategy.)

(It means the process under which an IP owner grants the right to use an IP to another party on agreed terms and conditions.)

(It means an exercise where skilled IP practitioners conduct tasks such as defining, examining and analyzing the IP portfolio of a target entity to advise on the strength, scope and enforceability of the IP assets to evaluate the value of the acquisition.)

PART III: Questions To The Advisor

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