With the advantages of a sound legal framework and robust IP protection, Hong Kong is well poised to embrace the immense business opportunities brought by IP and well positioned as an IP trading centre in the Asia-Pacific region.  Below are some success stories showcasing how Hong Kong companies expand their business through IP creation and exploitation.

IP Commercialisation - Success Stories

Jointly produced by Intellectual Property Department and Radio Television Hong Kong

IP • New Opportunities - Promotion Video
IP • New Opportunities - Innovative Robot Technology
IP • New Opportunities - Art Toys
IP • New Opportunities - Garment Recycle System
IP • New Opportunities - Innovative DC Technologies
IP • New Opportunities - Garment Manufacturing Technique
IP • New Opportunities - Digital Assets
IP • New Opportunities - Comics
IP • New Opportunities - Medical Technologies
IP • New Opportunities - Non-fungible Token (NFT)
IP • New Opportunities - Electronics Accessory Design
IP • New Opportunities - STEAM Toys
IP • New Opportunities - Health And Beauty Brand

Produced by Intellectual Property Department

IP Commercialisation (Trade Marks) - Non-fried Noodle Products
IP Commercialisation (Copyright) - Animation Production
IP Commercialisation (Patents) - 3D Printer
IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Wildfire Detection Robot
IP Trading (Trade Marks) - Effective use of registered trade marks maximises brand value
IP Trading (Copyright) - Cross-sector licensing enhances commercial value
IP Trading (Patents) - Patent commercialisation improves our quality of life

Jointly produced by Intellectual Property Department and Hong Kong Trade and Development Council

IP Commercialisation (Patents) – Sustainable Lithium-ion Batteries
IP Commercialisation (Trade Marks) – Bedding Products
IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Fish Embryo Toxicity Test
IP Commercialisation (Trade Marks) - Tourbillon Watch Brand
IP Commercialisation (Copyright) - Locally Designed Comics Characters
IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Purifying and Bacteria-killing Face Mask
IP Commercialisation (Copyright) - Locally Designed Characters
IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Dynamic Real Time Heart Rate Sensor