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Registering a business name

A business in the Hong Kong SAR may register a business name, which is separate to the names of the individuals, or the name of the company that carries on the business.

A business name is the name that a business uses in operation, such as for identifying and promoting itself to its customers.  It can be different from a trade mark used by the business for identifying and promoting products and services offered by the business.

Registering a business name does not guarantee that another person’s registered trade mark will not be infringed, particularly when the business name is the same as or confusingly similar to the registered trade mark and the goods or services offered by the business are also the same or similar to those under the registered trade mark.

In choosing a business name, it is desirable to search other company names through the Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Centre or Company Search Mobile Service, trade marks and domain names to ensure that the name that you select is available, and will not be the same as or likely to be confused with another person’s business name, company name, registered trade mark, or domain name.

This is particularly important if you intend to implement a branding strategy for distinguishing your brand from other existing business names, company names, trade marks or domain names.

Registering a business name does not confer the right to use the same name as a company name, trade mark, or domain name. Each of these that may be sought needs to be registered separately, with separate offices. Click on the following to find out more about registering each respectively: company name; trade mark; domain name

A business name may be in:

  • Chinese only;
  • English only; or
  • bilingual (i.e. both in Chinese and English).

Useful Information:

Differences among Company Registration, Business Registration and Trademark Registration

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