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Registering a business

Every local business in Hong Kong (including foreign businesses that have established a local business presence in Hong Kong) must be registered with Hong Kong’s Business Registration Office, Inland Revenue Department, the Government of the Hong Kong SAR.

An application to register the business may be made either online or by lodging the required application documents at the Business Registration Office

An application cannot be made before the business commences, but must be made no later than one month after the business commences.

Business registration is mandatory, whether the relevant business is owned by:

  • an individual trading as a sole trader
  • a partnership
  • a company

or carried on by

  • a foreign company
  • a branch office         

If the business is owned by a company, it must still be registered, as registration as a business is an additional requirement to the registration of a company.

The registration of a business and the registration of a company can occur at the same time.

Application for the registration of a business is made to the Business Registration Office, and must be accompanied by proof of identity, which for individuals may be an identity card or passport, and for companies must be a Certificate of Incorporation, any person who submits false information is a criminal offence under the Business Registration Ordinance.

If seeking to register a company and a business at the same time, this can be done on the same application form.

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