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IP Manager Scheme

In a knowledge-based economy, intellectual property (IP) is becoming increasingly important in promoting business development. Intangible IP assets can be as valuable as tangible assets, and enterprises should build, manage, value and leverage them strategically to drive growth. The Intellectual Property Department has launched the “IP Manager Scheme”, which aims at assisting Hong Kong enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to build up their IP manpower capacity and to increase competitiveness through IP management so as to grasp the opportunities brought by IP trading.

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What are the Benefits of the Scheme?

(a) Raising IP awareness in the SMEs community and start culture building through in-house champions;

(b) Supporting SMEs and the wider community in building up their manpower capacity; adopting good IP management, commercialisation and trading practices; integrating IP assets into their overall business strategy; and disseminating the value of IP to business partners and financiers;

(c) Lowering the costs of IP management through the provision of basic IP management training, thereby enriching the human capital.

Details of the Scheme:

Enterprises should appoint a staff member in a managerial position as their in-house “IP Manager”, who will be responsible for overseeing the compliance, management, exploitation and commercialisation of IP assets.

The “IP Manager” should enroll in the “IP Manager Training Programme” which will be conducted by IP professionals.  

Participating enterprises will get:

  • a certificate of enterprise participation (The certificate will be issued upon completion of the "IP Manager Training Programme" by the appointed “IP Manager”.)
  • priority in registration and special offer for the “IP Manager Training Programme” (Click here for more details) 
  • free to join "Practical Workshop for IP Managers" *(half day), topics of protecting and managing IPs within the organisation will be covered.  A complimentary ‘Practical Guide to IP Managers’ will be given to the participants who completed the workshop. (Click here for more details)
  • latest information on IP

*This workshop only accepts non-IP intermediaries. Applications from enterprises which are law firms or providing IP intermediary services will not be accepted.

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