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Policy initiatives on IP trading

In 2015, the Working Group on Intellectual Property (IP) Trading released a report for driving the development of Hong Kong as an IP trading hub:

Working Group on IP Trading

Overall strategic framework formulated to promote Hong Kong as regional IP trading centre (Press Release)

Summary of the strategic framework

Since the publication of the Report of the Working Group on IP Trading in 2015, the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) has been pursuing multiple measures along the directions set out in the strategic framework.

Following the promulgation of the 14th Five-Year Plan in 2021, IPD will reinvigorate our efforts on all fronts. Notably collaboration with the Mainland and Macao authorities on IP protection, management and commercialization will be intensified to help businesses and professional service providers leverage the opportunities offered by the Greater Bay Area development and take advantage of Hong Kong in the IP scene for entering the international market.

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