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Success stories

Below are some success stories of how Hong Kong companies expand their businesses through IP trading or how overseas/ the Mainland companies could reach out to more IP business opportunities by making use of the Hong Kong platform.


IP Commercialisation - Success Stories

Newly produced by Intellectual Property Department


IP Commercialisation (Copyright) – Animation Production

IP Commercialisation (Patents) – 3D Printer


Jointly produced by Intellectual Property Department and Hong Kong Trade and Development Council


IP Commercialisation (Copyright) - Locally Designed Characters

IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Dynamic Real Time Heart Rate Sensor

IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Fish Embryo Toxicity Test

IP Commercialisation (Trade Marks) - Tourbillon Watch Brand

IP Commercialisation (Copyright) - Locally Designed Comics Characters

IP Commercialisation (Patents) - Purifying and Bacteria-killing Face Mask


IP Trading - Success Stories

Produced by Intellectual Property Department


IP Trading (Copyright) - Cross-sector licensing enhances commercial value

IP Trading (Patents) - Patent commercialisation improves our quality of life

IP Trading (Trade Marks) - Effective use of registered trade marks maximises brand value


Success stories - Interviewed by Hong Kong Trade and Development Council


Technology with a Bite

Fibretronic: Hot Technology

Watertight Business

IP Pipeline



Aero-class Long-haul Bus Infotainment System Hong Kong Firms Capitalising IP Trading to Tap ASEAN Market

Good Use of IP Trading - Abraham Chan Promotes TCM Modernization

Hong Kong Enterprise introduces Ultrasound-guided percutaneous biopsy simulation system for the Beijing 301 Hospital

Hong Kong Inventors successfully developed nano-heating technology

Intellectual Property Trading Paves Way To Expansion - Hong Kong Firm Opens Up New World Through Patent Licensing

IP Protection Enhances Local Firms' Competitiveness Patented 'Hot Pants' British Cycling Team's Secret to Win

Licenced Augmented Reality Technology Enlivens Dinosaur Show

IP Trading Helps Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Tests Benefit Medical Industry Worldwide

Patent Protection for Innovation Universal Waterproof Camera Case - A Big Hit in Europe and US

PolyU-patented Yarn Production Technology Helps Improve Yarn Quality - Intellectual Property Trading Opens Up a World of Applications


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