IP trading refers broadly to any means by which IP rights are commercially dealt with.

This can include:

IP trading activities

The commercial transactions by which IP is traded can include:

Intermediary services in support of IP trading

Hong Kong has a large number of professional service providers including patent attorneys, lawyers, venture capitalists, consultants and other advisers, an online directory of whom is available at the Asia Intellectual Property Exchange (AsiaIPEX) for assisting parties to undergo IP trading activities.

The types of intermediary services which parties may require include -

  1. IP due diligence
  2. Valuing IP

Online platform for IP trading

IP trading occurs between parties which know each other, or know of each other, or which find each other in the marketplace.

Increasingly, online platforms containing various databases of IP that are available to be traded have been set up to assist parties to locate particular IP that is of interest to them. For instance, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has launched the Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX), which is a free online intellectual property platform and database aiming to facilitate international IP trading and connection to global IP players. At present, it has formed alliances with over 35 strategic partners from local and overseas and covers over 28,000 tradable IP listings (including copyright, patents, designs and trade marks) sourced from around the globe in the biotech, nanotech, medical, electronics, textile, film, publishing and other sectors.

Mainland related organisations of IP Trading