As the owner of the copyright in a work, you have the exclusive right to copy the copyright work, publish it (online and otherwise), perform, show or play it in public, broadcast it, adapt it, translate it, etc. in Hong Kong. You can allow or restrict others from exploiting your exclusive rights in Hong Kong. A person who exploits any of the exclusive rights attached to the work without your permission may infringe your copyright in the work. Your rights as a copyright owner include but are not limited to the following:

  1. the right to obtain a court order (called an injunction) to stop a person from infringing your copyright;
  2. the right to obtain monetary compensation (called damages or an account of profits) from an infringer that has copied your copyright work, or exploited any of the other rights attached to your copyright work;
  3. the right to grant a licence to another person to exploit your copyright work, in return for royalties and other payments;
  4. the right to sell your copyright; and
  5. the right to make a gift of your copyright in your will.