Fundamental Programme 100 Series

IP106 Patent Basics

18 Aug 2023

3 hours per lecture, 6 hours in total

This course aims at enabling participants to grasp the basic concepts of patents, including the patent protection system, the method and process of patent registration and the application of patent information in research and business.


Lecture I

18 Aug 2023 (Fri)

Hybrid class

Topic: Patent Protection in Hong Kong

  • What is patent
  • Patents versus trade secrets
  • How patents protect inventions
  • What inventions are patentable
  • Types of patents in Hong Kong
  • Enforcement against infringement

Speaker: Mr. Alan Chiu

Hybrid class

Topic: How to apply for a standard patent in Hong Kong

  • Patents by original grant versus patents by re-registration
  • Timeframes and fees for obtaining a standard patent
  • Importance of patent specification
  • Engaging a patent agent: costs and benefits

Speaker: Ms Bertha Ho

Lecture II

18 Aug 2023 (Fri)

Hybrid Class

Topic: Responding to office actions

  • The patent examination process
  • Timeframes for responding to office actions
  • Points to note in giving responses

Speaker: Dr. Dawna Kwan

Hybrid Class

Topic: Use of patent information in your research or business

  • The basics of patent search
  • Sources of patent information
  • Using patent information in a R&D project
  • Using patent information to enhance your product development
  • Using patent information to identify potential markets
  • Obtaining licence for use of patents

Speaker: Mr. Victor Tse

Target Audience

IP owners and executives of local startups/ small and medium enterprises/ large enterprises engaged in the innovation and technology sector

Course Structure

Course consists of 2 lectures, 3 hours per lecture, total 6 hours

Course Format

Hybrid Mode (Participants can attend on-site lectures or attend Webinar via Zoom)


Room 1006, 10/F, VTC Tower, 27 Wood Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Cantonese, supplemented with English terms


Participants will receive a certificate awarded by the organiser upon completion of the entire course (2 lectures).


Free for members of "IP Manager Scheme PLUS"; $100 for non-members


Public registration will be open on 10 July 2023 (Monday)

Priority in registration for the course will be given to enterprises that have joined “IP Manager Scheme PLUS”.

The organiser reserves the final rights to change the course details and arrangements.


Applications of CPD accreditation for the training course will be made to the Law Society of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Mediation Centre.  Details will be announced upon confirmation.

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