IP Manager Scheme PLUS

Nowadays, intellectual property (IP) is recognised as a key element in business development. The IP Training Programme aims to build up the manpower capacity in the businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to adopt good IP management into their overall business strategy and practice.

The training courses Fundamental Programme 100 Series and Advanced Programm 200 Series are designed to cater for specific duties and career development needs of IP Managers and help them to establish their expertise and skills. The courses will also enable you to help your enterprise to:

Important Note:

With an aim to facilitate the provision of highly specialised professional service as well as future engagement for developing and promoting IP trading activities in Hong Kong, IP service providers and agents are also prime targets in the training programme. Training courses relating to their best practices or update of IP laws are provided under the IP Service Provider Programme 300 Series.

Taking into account the importance of compliance of Government’s regulations and guidelines on IP, training courses under IP Training Programme 400 series will be provided to government bureau/ departments in order to enhance their capability in IP management. 

Fundamental Programme 100 Series

IP101 IP Basics

7 and 8 Dec 2023

1.5 Days

This course introduces the basic knowledge of various intellectual properties, enabling participants to understand the rights of IP owners and users, thereby enhancing their capability of protecting and managing IP rights within the enterprise.


IP102 IP Management and Protection in the Mainland

27 Jun and 4 Jul 2023

2.5 hours per lecture, 10 hours in total

This course aims to introduce the registration methods, protection mechanisms, management strategies and enforcement actions of intellectual property rights in the Mainland, allowing participants to fully grasp the fundamental knowledge of the intellectual property systems in the Mainland.


IP103 Registration and application procedure of IP rights in Hong Kong

26 Feb 2024

1 Day

This course introduces the IP registration system in Hong Kong, enabling participants to comprehend the registration and application procedures of various IP rights and thereby formulate effective IP registration strategies for the enterprise.


IP105 Strategies and Methods for Enterprises to Protect Trade Secrets

18 Jul 2023

2.5 hours per lecture, 5 hours in total

This course aims to introduce the basic concepts, forms of protection and legal basis of trade secrets, the application of trade secrets in business and the common protection measures for enterprises.


IP106 Patent Basics

18 Aug 2023

3 hours per lecture, 6 hours in total

This course aims at enabling participants to grasp the basic concepts of patents, including the patent protection system, the method and process of patent registration and the application of patent information in research and business.


IP107 Special Session: Crypto, NFTs, metaverse and IP

4 Aug 2023

2.5 hours per lecture, 2.5 hours in total

This course aims to introduce the involvement of IP in the new technologies such as Crypto, NFTs and metaverse, allowing participants to be able to realise potential legal issues and protect their IP rights in the virtual world.


IP108 Mediation of IP Disputes

12 Oct 2023

0.5 days, 2.5 hours in total

The seminar is part of the IP Manager Scheme PLUS training programme which is intended to enhance the participants’ understanding of and promote the advantages of using mediation in resolving intellectual property (IP) related disputes.


IP109 Intellectual Property Course for Creative Design Industry

25 Oct 2023

2 hrs in total

This course aims to introduce the basic knowledge of intellectual property to creative design industry practitioners and students, including copyright and trademarks, enabling participants to understand the rights of IP owners and users, thereby enhancing their capability of protecting, managing and utilising IP rights.

Advanced Programme 200 Series

IP201 IP Audit and Due Diligence

10 Nov 2023

1 day, 2 lectures (2.5 hours per lecture)

This course aims to enhance participants’ awareness of the importance of intellectual property audit and due diligence, their implementation and benefits, and help enterprises manage intellectual assets more effectively and engage in IP trading.


IP202 Management and Strategies of Patent Commercialisation and Technology Transfer

6 and 13 Sep 2023

2 days, 4 lectures (2.5 hours per lecture)

The course aims to introduce the common forms of patent valuation, commercialization as well as key issues of technology transfer, preparing participants to formulate appropriate strategies on patent commercialization and technology transfer for their enterprises.


IP203 AUTM Training Course on Technology Marketing and Technology Valuation

14 and 15 Dec 2023

2 days

Based in the USA, AUTM is a world leading knowledge and technology transfer association with close to 3,000 technology transfer professionals that's committed to bringing research to application. The core purpose of AUTM is to support and advance academic technology transfer globally, with consistent efforts in related capacity building and advocacy for the profession. 
AUTM's Technology Marketing and Technology Valuation Courses are designed for technology transfer practitioners, both in the academic and professional field. The courses address key issues during the technology transfer process, dealing with the arts and science of stakeholder engagement, sharing and alignment of objectives, and achieving shared understanding and agreement through constructive deal making through realistic terms for commercial exploitation of IPs through licensing.

IP204 Practical Workshop for IP Managers

11 Jan 2024

0.5 day

This workshop aims at assisting “IP Managers” to learn protecting and managing IP assets in their enterprises, and integrating IP commercialisation and IP trading into their overall business strategy. It will be conducted by IP professional lawyers to exchange views with participants through group discussion. Besides, participants will receive a “Practical Guide to IP Managers” upon completion of the workshop, so that they and their enterprises can effectively make use of the knowledge of IP protection and management.

IP Service Provider Programme 300 Series

IP301 Workshop on Trademark Registration Principles and Practices in Hong Kong

2 Feb 2024

1 Day

This course aims at providing IP industry practitioners with a comprehensive introduction on trade mark registration, management and enforcement, and a practical overview on the examination of trade mark, opposition and post registration matters as well as the use of online trade mark search and e-Filing systems.


IP302 Workshop on the Twelfth Edition, Version 2023 of the International Classification of Goods and Services for the Purposes of the Registration of Marks (the Nice Classification)

15 Dec 2022

1 hour

The Trade Marks Registry is going to conduct a workshop on 15 December 2022 to introduce the Twelfth Edition, Version 2023 of the International Classification of Goods and Services (“Twelfth Edition”) which will be applied in Hong Kong on 1 January 2023 for the purpose of registration of trade marks.

Government and Public Officers Training Programme 400 Series

IP400 IP Courses for Government and Public Officers

TBC (Open for Application)

3 hours

The effective management of Intellectual Property Rights is paramount in an innovation-led economy. To promote awareness of intellectual property rights in Government and the public sector, the Intellectual Property Department has been giving talks on intellectual property to Governments and public officers in Hong Kong.

The Department has further expanded the scope of training and the depth of the IP training programme with an aim to enhance the ability of Government and public officers in managing the IP rights as they require in their operations.  Workshops will be tailor-made to best suit the needs of Bureaux/ Departments/ Public Bodies with topics ranging from basic IP identification, protection, IP ownership and licensing, compliance and considerations within the organisation, to IP management and exploitation as well as use of IP information as a tool in work etc.  We welcome invitations from Bureaux/ Departments/ public bodies.

IP401 Refresher Course for Intellectual Property Compliance Officers

31 October 2023

3 hours

This course is organized regularly by the Intellectual Property Department to enhance the ability of Intellectual Property Compliance Officers and Government’s officers in protecting and managing the Government’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).