Government and Public Officers Training Programme 400 Series

IP400 IP Courses for Government and Public Officers

TBC (Open for Application)

3 hours

The effective management of Intellectual Property Rights is paramount in an innovation-led economy. To promote awareness of intellectual property rights in Government and the public sector, the Intellectual Property Department has been giving talks on intellectual property to Governments and public officers in Hong Kong.

The Department has further expanded the scope of training and the depth of the IP training programme with an aim to enhance the ability of Government and public officers in managing the IP rights as they require in their operations.  Workshops will be tailor-made to best suit the needs of Bureaux/ Departments/ Public Bodies with topics ranging from basic IP identification, protection, IP ownership and licensing, compliance and considerations within the organisation, to IP management and exploitation as well as use of IP information as a tool in work etc.  We welcome invitations from Bureaux/ Departments/ public bodies.

Coverage of Programme:

  • Depending on the needs of Bureaux/Departments, the IPD will tailor-make workshops to include content that best suits attendees’ needs.
  •  For general Intellectual Property concepts, officers are encouraged to attend IP401 Refresher Course for Intellectual Property Compliance Officers.


  1. We welcome year-round applications from Bureaux / Departments. Please contact our Marketing Division (Email: for details and arrangements.
  2. Bureaux / Departments shall provide the venue and guarantee at least 40 participants for each workshop.
  3.  Intellectual Property Department reserves the final rights to accept any registration.