Fundamental Programme 100 Series

IP102 IP Management and Protection in the Mainland

21, 23, 28 and 30 Jun 2022 (Online Class)

2.5 hours per lecture, 10 hours in total

This course aims to introduce the registration methods, protection mechanisms, management strategies and enforcement actions of patent rights in the Mainland, allowing participants to fully grasp the fundamental knowledge of the patent System in the Mainland.


Lecture I

21 Jun 2022 (Tue)


Webinar via Zoom

Topic: IP Registration in Mainland China

  • Requirements and conditions of IP registration
  • Application procedures and time lines for different IP registration
  • Frequent problems and practical tips in IP registration
  • IP registration services in Mainland China
  • Cases studies

Speaker: Ms. Annie Tsoi

Lecture II

23 Jun 2022 (Thu)


Webinar via Zoom

Topic: Protecting IP rights in Mainland China

  • Protection mechanism available for different IP rights
  • Legal framework for protecting IP rights in Mainland China
  • Common cases of IP infringement
  • Methods in handling IP disputes
  • Cases studies

Speaker: Mr. Lewis Wai-Hong Ho

Lecture III

28 Jun 2022 (Tue)


Webinar via Zoom

Topic: Business Strategies in Managing IP in Mainland China

  • Common IP related issues in cross border trading
  • Strategies for developing and protecting the IP
  • Practical IP management advice on cross border trading and investment
  • Cases studies

Speaker: Ms. Dora Si

Lecture IV

30 Jun 2022 (Thur)


Webinar via Zoom

Topic: IP Legislation and Enforcement in Mainland China

  • Roles and functions of IP administration and enforcement agencies in Mainland China
  • Common enforcement options and their effectiveness:
    1. Civil procedures
    2. Administrative measures
    3. Customs enforcement
    4. Criminal procedures
  • Methods of reporting and requirements for evidence
  • Cases studies

Speaker: Dr. Lawrence Yeung

Target Audience

Entrepreneurs, IP owners and executives of local startups/ small and medium enterprises/ large enterprises, particularly for those involved in IP trading/management in the Mainland

Course Structure

Course consists of 4 lectures, 2.5 hours per lecture, total 10 hours

Course Format

Webinar via Zoom




Participants will receive a certificate awarded by the organiser upon completion of the entire course (4 lectures).


Free for members of "IP Manager Scheme"; $100 for non-members



Priority in registration for the course will be given to enterprises that have joined “IP Manager Scheme PLUS”.

The organiser reserves the final rights to change the course details and arrangements.


This training course is registered as a CPD course of the Hong Kong Mediation Centre (2.5 points per lecture; 10 points in total).

This training course is registered as a CPD course of the Law Society of Hong Kong (2.5 points per lecture; 10 points in total).

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