Advanced Programme 200 Series

IP203 Management and Strategies of Technology Transfer

19, 21, 26 and 28 Oct 2022 (Online Class)

2.5 hours per lecture, 10 hours in total

The course aims to introduce the key issues of technology transfer and help participants identify the value of their research findings and formulate appropriate strategies for technology transfer.


Lecture I

19 Oct 2022


Topic: Understanding Technology Transfer in R & D

  • Basic Concept – transferable and non-transferable knowledge
  • Features of technology transfer
  • IP-related issues caused by R&D / innovation 
  • Supports from University in technology transfer

Speaker: Mr. Steven Fung

Lecture II

21 Oct 2022


Topic: Technology Transfer to the Market

  • Overview of the technology transfer processes
  • Identifying the value of your invention
  • Plans and strategies for commercialisation of patent
  • Case studies

Speaker: Dr. Lo Waishun

Lecture III

26 Oct 2022


Topic: Protecting Your Inventions by Patenting

  • Essentials of a patent portfolio
  • Patent registration and practical tools for conducting patent search
  • Reviewing and maintenance of your patent portfolio
  • Case studies

Speaker: Mr. Sam Yip

Lecture IV

28 Oct 2022


Topic: Cross-border Technology Transfer

  • Potentials and benefits of cross-border technology transfer
  • Valuing and financing patents in the Mainland market
  • Recent developments of cross-border technology transfer in Mainland China
  • Case studies

Speaker: Dr. Vincent Zhong

Target Audience

IP owners and executives of local startups/ small and medium enterprises/ large enterprises engaged in the innovation and technology sector. Participants should have a basic understanding of patents

Course Structure

Course consists of 4 lectures, 2.5 hours per lecture, total 10 hours

Course Format

Webinar via Zoom


Cantonese, supplemented with English terms


Participants will receive a certificate awarded by the organiser upon completion of the entire course (4 lectures)


Free for members of "IP Manager Scheme"; $200 for non-members



Priority in registration for the course will be given to enterprises that have joined “IP Manager Scheme PLUS”.

The organiser reserves the final rights to change the course details and arrangements.


This training course is registered as a CPD course of the Hong Kong Mediation Centre (2.5 points per lecture; 10 points in total).

This training course is registered as a CPD course of the Law Society of Hong Kong (2.5 points per lecture; 10 points in total).

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